SSSJ achieves the NSW syllabus outcomes using teaching resources including textbooks accredited by the Japanese government.

  1. The School provides supplementary Japanese classes for children who understand Japanese. The target age group is preschool to Year 9.
  2. The School is registered with the Community Language Program of the Department of Education and Communities. Applicants are therefore admitted to classes appropriate to their linguistic ability regardless of their nationality or background.
  3. The School uses Japanese textbooks authorized by the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science. Teachers with teaching certificates from Japan teach the textbooks based on the relevant teaching guidelines. However, the level of the lessons is not equivalent to what is taught in Japan.
  4. The purpose of the classes is to focus on the vital facets of the Japanese language and to include some Japanese cultural aspects in lessons of three hours per week or approximately 110 hours per year. Therefore, the level of the lessons will be maintained at the current level.

 Scope and Sequence by Grade (Japanese)