Parents will be asked to help at the School two or three times a year. The School is managed by volunteer parents, and thus it cannot survive without the help of the parent body of the School as a whole. We need your help so please do not forget to be there on your roster day. The roster will be distributed at a later date.

  • Bell ringing to signal the beginning and end of classes. In addition, traffic control before school starts and after school ends.
  • Assisting kindergarten classes.
  • Supervision and collection of garbage (please bring plastic bags) during break time. Although it may be an inconvenience, please dispose the garbage outside the School.
  • Check for any suspicious individuals.
  • Cleaning and checking classrooms (e.g., turn off lights, close windows) after the School is over.
  • Provide assistance to work requested from the office.
  • Help organize the library.