Library Guide

As part of SSSJ’s Japanese education, a moving library opens every Saturday on school days. Currently, this library contains approximately 2000 books.

The library is open to all students and their parents. (When parents borrow books, we ask that they fill in details of their child)

Students can borrow up to 5 items per day. The rental period is 2 weeks.

Library Opening Hours

Morning 8:45-8:55
1st Break 9:45-9:55
2nd Break 10:40-11:00

How to Borrow Books

  • Please write your full name and class on the rental card of the item (book or DVD) you would like to borrow. Afterwards, bring the item and the rental card to reception who will press a return date stamp.
  • We would like to ask parents to complete the rental card for younger students who are unable to write down their own names.
  • To avoid damaging the books, please bring a library bag when borrowing books. There are no restrictions to size or material.

To encourage our students to read a wide variety of books, a stamp is awarded for every book a student borrows. A certificate will be issued to students who accumulate 50 books. (Stamps are not awarded to books borrowed by parents)

A certificate of commendation will be awarded to the top readers who receive the most certificates. Please read the rules on the back of the stamp sheet.

How to Return Books

  • Please return it to the return box by the scheduled return date. Further proceudres are not required.
  • Plesae return books and videos before the first period of classes.
  • Please place books gently and not throw them into the return box.
  • Please be careful not to return Japanese books of other libraries by mistake.
  • Please be careful not to return books from SSSJ to other libraries by mistake.
  • In case of damage or loss of books. please contact the library office. (As a general rule, a donation of the same book or of equivalent value is required)

Students who receive 50 stamps will receive the following certificate.