Library Guide

As part of SSSJ’s Japanese education, library opens every Saturday on school days. Currently, this library has approximately 2000 books.

The library is open to all students.

Students can borrow up to 5 items per day. The borrowing period is 2 weeks.

Library Opening Hours

Morning 8:45-8:55
1st Break 9:45-9:55
2nd Break 10:40-11:00


Students need “Student Card” to borrow books. If the card is lost, there is a $5 charge to re-issue it.

All students have their own student card. Kindergarten and new students will receive their card in May during their class.

Borrowing rules

Students can borrow up to five books per week, and they are due in two weeks. If the due date falls on a holiday, they may return the books on the next school day. Students cannot borrow books if they have items on loan.

Students should return books in the return box located near the library before 11:00 am. Please place items gently in the box.

There is no renewal system for books. If a student is unable to return a book by the due date, they should contact the library.

Students will receive one stamp on their stamp sheet each time they borrow books. We encourage students to read more by offering awards for each benchmark. Please see the back of the stamp sheet for details.

Please make sure that only the books from the school are returned to the return box.

For damaged or lost books, we ask parents to donate alternative books that can replace the original one.


lost card:

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